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DemoGrid Indoor Putting League, Week 4; Fall 2022

Putting challenge winner Kyle Lieberman received an MD2 putter.

Results for Week 4; December 6, 2022

Calling You Out

  • I have some lower quality baskets that don’t catch well – but we have not had to use them this season because of the high quality baskets brought by Nick Stewart and Colin Nobles. 
  • We also had less issues chasing errant putts from the elevated stage because of the backstop net brought by Elise and Kyle Lieberman.
  • The discs for the chip draw each week are provided by the putting league sponsor Royce Racinowski of The Flying Disc Pro Shop. The winner of the week 4 chip draw was Colin Nobles who selected, “a little red corvette”.
  • Putting Challenge Donations and Winners: The 2 discs we were able to give away for the putting
    Luna putter was won by Barry Nobles.

    challenges were donated. Nick Stewart donated the Luna putter that was won by Barry Nobles. Brett Chipman donated the Discmania MD2 putter that was won by Kyle Lieberman. Both are very nice discs! 

The scores for week 4 have been posted. Click the following link to View League Totals.

Tuesday is the 5th and final week of league and it is the holiday edition of putting league. For ambiance, I will have a play list of holiday music. 

For those that can stay after round 3, I have an idea for a new challenge, one never done before in the putting league, so we can give away more challenge prizes. 🙂

I hope all of you can make it. 

Kristen with excellent balance and follow through, pointing for points.
Colin Nobles selected “a little red corvette”.

Chip Draw Disc Winners List Continues To Grow:

  • Week 1: Danny Bevona won the chip draw and chose the white putter provided by Elise and Kyle Lieberman. Thank you Elise and Kyle!
  • Week 2: Connor O’Neil drew the winning chip and claimed the custom dyed disc.
  • Week 3: The chip draw disc winner was Nick Smith who chose the Yeti Pro Aviar.
  • Week 4:  Colin Nobles had the golden chip and selected “a little red corvette”.

League Total Points: Top 12 Rounds (4 weeks).
The points for a player’s top 12 scores (from any 4 weeks) are used for the point totals on the leader board. If a player attended all 5 weeks the lowest 3 scores will be dropped. If a player attended 4 weeks or less, all of their round scores will be use for the leader board.

Taylor putting between the trees.

The scores for week 4 have been posted. Click the following link to View League Totals.