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Introduction to Disc Golf
If you are new to disc golf, I can teach you the fundamentals from the ground up. I will cover techniques such as the proper throwing form, driving, approach shots, putting, and basic rules of gameplay.

Diving, Midrange, Putting: Improving at Disc Golf
If you already play, I can improve your ability on any of these topics:

  • Backhand throw: Proper stance, balance, reach back and pull through (eliminate rounding!).
  • Hyser and anhyzer throws.
  • Driving with more distance and accuracy.
  • Forehand throws.
  • Midrange shots.
  • Putting with accuracy, short and long distance.
  • Backhand rollers, forehand rollers.
  • Thumber and hammer throws.

    Jump putt, 2021 Zephyr World Championships.
    2021 Zephyr World Championships (photo by Dave Cox)
  • Putting: Proper stance, balance and follow through.
  • Straddle putting.
  • Push putting or spin putting.
  • Hyzer putting and Anhyser putting.
  • Increase putting accuracy for long distance putting, 20 feet and farther out.
  • Jump putts.

Driving Distance: Improving form improves distance
If you already play but need more distance, I can analyze your form and identify issues. The most common problem is “rounding”. Eliminating rounding will improve BOTH distance and accuracy.

My Background
I have developed and taught a number of disc golf classes through the Parks And Recreation departments at Penfield, Victor, Henrietta and Brighton. I developed and run the only 18 hole indoor disc golf putting league in Rochester for which I designed and created portable obstacles. Before disc golf, I have many years of teaching sports: I worked for 15 years as a professional ski instructor, as well as teaching baseball, basketball, volleyball and mountain biking.

Lessons at per hour rate
I offer individual and group Disc Golf lessons. I charge $40.00 per hour for lessons for a group of 4 or less. Perhaps get a group of friends, combine funds (to split the $40), and have some fun throwing discs while you all get better.


“A big thumbs up to Tim Bayer. Myself, William A. Downing and Matthew Cole just had a great group lesson. We had a blast and he is a great instructor. Highly recommended. Now, I gotta work on those bad habits! (And there are a few.)”
– John Thompson

“I agree, he is a great instructor!!”
– Kris Winter

“Tim is , ‘The Man!!'”
– William A. O’Dell, PDGA# 188