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DemoGrid Indoor Putting League, Week 2; Winter 2024

Bigger Selection! Royce Racinowski and John Alloco of The Flying Disc Pro Shop donated MORE discs!

Results for Week 2; January 23, 2024

The League Sponsors

The league sponsors are Royce Racinowski and John Alloco of The Flying Disc Pro Shop and the Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club. Click on those links to learn more about them.

Bigger Selection For Prizes!
Royce told me to visit John Alloco to get some more discs for the Putting League. John hooked me up with a bunch more drivers and fairway drivers – which filled the disc selection box! Thank You!

Mike Roth selected an Innova Tern after winning the chip draw.

Flying Disc Pro Shop Chip Draw Disc Winners.
Week 1: John Kelly won the chip draw and chose a red Discraft Surge SS.
Week 2: Mike Roth won the chip draw and chose a yellow Innova Tern.

Thank You For Bringing The Equipment
Additional equipment was brought by:
* Kyle Lieberman (a backstop net) 
* Jeff Hermenet  (a high-quality basket)
* Dan Pavlina (a high-quality basket)
* Jeff Hermenet (a high-quality basket)

League Total Points: Top 12 Rounds (4 weeks).
The points for a player’s top 12 rounds (from any 4 weeks) are used for the point totals on the leaderboard. If a player attended all 5 weeks the lowest 3 round totals will be dropped. If a player attended 4 weeks or less, all of their round points will be used for the leaderboard.

Click the following link to View League Totals.

Pictures From Week 2

Martin Kohlmeier splits the trees.
Andrew Wollschleger with the classic, reach-to-the-basket follow-through, adding 2 more points.
Pat Inclema taking the hyzer route.