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18 Hole Indoor Putting League; Week 5, Fall 2019

Results for Week 5; December 12, 2019

Holiday Treats
I want to thank those that brought holiday treats for the last putting league night. As I recall, the folks that showered us with goodies were Lisa Delaparte, Kyle Lieberman and Sherry Herzog. Thank you!

Putting Challenge: Roll and Putt
The Flying Disc Pro Shop (Royce Racinowski) provided another Holiday disc for the putting challenge. The disc for the game I created, called Roll and Putt, was won by Joe Tascione. A double win for Joe as he also got a disc from the Chip Draw.

Flying Disc Pro Shop Chip Draw Disc Winners
Week 5: Joe Tascione
Week 4: Pat Mehls
Week 3: Jeremy Hoeltke
Week 2: Conor McKaig
Week 1: Peter Evinsky

Flying Disc Pro Shop Putting Challenge Disc Winners
Week 5: Joe Tascione (Challenge: Roll and Putt)
Week 4: Pat Mehls (Challenge: Shuffle Putt)
Week 3: Mike Herzog (Challenge: Short Putt, Long Putt)

League Total Points: Top 12 Scores
On the page with the league point totals, all of your scores are listed. However, only your top 12 scores are used for the league point total.

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Scoring Data

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Round 1 Scoring Data.

Round 2 Scoring Data.

Round 3 Scoring Data.