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18 Hole Indoor Putting League; Week 3, Winter 2019

Results for Week 3; February 7, 2019

Sonny’s Landing Chip Draw Disc Winner:
The chip draw, disc winner for this week was Ben Drogue.

Disc Draw Winner List
Week 3: Ben Drogue
Week 2: Joe Radwan
Week 1: Kris Winter

Royce Racinowski Bonus Hat Won By Ben Drogue
Royce Racinowski kicked in a winter, Innova disc golf hat as a bonus prize for the league. The battle for the hat was determined by the game I created, Lay-Up, Step-Up. Ben Drogue survived the challenge to claim the hat, making him a double winner this week.

League Total Points

Better, redesigned obstacles for week 3.

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Scoring Data

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Round 1 Scoring Data.

Round 2 Scoring Data.

Round 3 Scoring Data.