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DemoGrid Indoor Putting League, Week 4; Fall 2023

Week 4, Stuck In Traffic Delay
Thank you all for rolling with the delay!

Snowfall on week 4 caused multiple accidents and greatly lengthened commute times. Some people were stuck in traffic for nearly an hour. I did not want anyone to miss putting, so I decided to delay the chip draw for the start of round 1.

I want to thank all of you for rolling with the delayed start time so that the late arrivals did not miss putting in round 1.

Christmas treeFor Week 5 – Holiday Putting
For week 5, I will be playing my Holiday Music playlist. Feel free to don some holiday garb if you are so inspired.

Players with the top 3 point totals get a prize (unless they already won a chip draw)
NOTE: Players can win 2 prizes during the league. They can win 1 for a chip draw (or have one of the top 3 point totals) AND win 1 for a Putting Challenge. However, a player cannot win 2 chip draw prizes or win 2 Putting Challenge prizes.

The players with the top 3 point totals, that did not win a chip draw, get a prize. To spread out the prizes, a player can win a prize for the chip draw or league total points. If one of the top 3 point-getters already won a chip draw prize, the prize will be given to the next highest point-getter who did not win a chip draw prize.

The same will apply to the Putting Challenge – one player cannot receive 2 Putting Challenge prizes. If a player who won a previous Putting Challenge wins again, they get to pick another player to receive the Putting Challenge prize.

Prizes from Week 4 Putting Challenge are added to Week 5 Putting Challenge
Since there was no Week 4 Putting Challenge, my solution is that I will add the Week 4 Putting Challenge prizes to the Week 5 Putting Challenge. … Oh, yeah – and since Week 5 is the Holiday putting night, giving away more prizes is perfect!

Ho, Ho, Ho! St. Nick!
For those that already won a Putting Challenge, if you win the Putting Challenge on week 5, you get to play St. Nick and give away your Putting Challenge victory to a player you pick. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Adding Scores During Putting Challenge
I will be adding up scores to determine point totals during the Putting Challenge. After the Putting Challenge, we will do the Chip Draw and then award prizes for the top 3 point totals. After the chip draw and the top 3 point total prizes, prizes will be awarded for the Putting Challenge.

Dan Palvina won the chip draw on week 4 and chose a red Ape.
Dan Palvina won the chip draw on week 4 and chose a red Ape.

Flying Disc Pro Shop Chip Draw Disc Winner.
Royce Racinowski of The Flying Disc Pro Shop provided discs available for the chip draw winner each week.

  • Week 1: Ron Shamp won the chip draw and chose a yellow Innova Star Sidewinder.
  • Week 2: Kevin Schlegel won the chip draw and instead of choosing a disc, he chose a DemoGrid UV flashlight.
  • Week 3: Ken Crumpler won the chip draw and chose an orange Athena.
  • Week 4: Dan Palvina won the chip draw and chose a red Ape.

Thank You For Bringing The Good Equipment!
Dave and Jen Copp
brought a high-quality basket, and so did Nick Stewart. With those baskets, we did not have to use two of my lower-quality, lightweight baskets that are easy for me to transport but don’t catch as well.  

League Total Points: Top 12 Rounds (Best rounds from any 4 weeks).
The points for a player’s top 12 scores (from any 4 weeks) are used for the point totals on the leaderboard. If a player attended all 5 weeks the lowest 3 scores will be dropped. If a player attended 4 weeks (12 rounds or less), all of their round scores will be used for the leaderboard.

The scores have been posted. Click the following link to View League Totals.