Disc Golf Disc Grabber, Disc Retriever


Don’t lose your disc, grab it back! Carry a Disc Grabber in your bag.

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Disc Golf Disc Grabber, Disc Retriever

The disc golf disc grabber takes up almost no space in your bag and is simple to use.

DemoGrid Disc Golf Disc Grabber

Disc Grabber

Attach the Disc Grabber to a stick and grab your disc from water, a tree or a brush.

Step 1: Grab a stick and attach it to the Disc Grabber using the included Velcro.
Step 2; Open and set the grabber.
Step 2; Set the grabber by opening the jaws and pushing the middle arms together.
Grab your disc.
Now push the grabber on the disc so it hits the middle arms and releases the jaws, grabbing the disc.
Disc Grabber from tree
Reach a your disc in a tree …
Grab your disc from a tree.
… Then grab your disc from the tree.


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