DemoGrid Double Disc Tournament


Play A Round (Or More) Of Double Disc Golf at North Ponds Park, Webster NY; You Could Win A Disc!

  • If you win, you can choose any disc from
  • Flex start – Play any day you want. Play multiple days if you want. You may submit up to a maximum of 3 official rounds.
  • Here is a link to the Players And Scores.
  • Cost is $1.00 to play and runs for the entire month. You can register here or contact me to meet. 
  • Details and rules are listed below.

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Description Double Disc Tournament, Flex Start

Playing A Round Of Double Disc

You throw two drives at each tee box. You finish each shot all the way to the basket and record two scores for each hole of play. After playing the nine-hole course in this format, you will have played 18 holes of disc golf.

You may play solo or with others. Throwing order: If playing with others, each player throws their first shot from the tee box. After all have thrown, each player throws their second shot.Obviously, if you are playing solo, you throw both drives one after the other. After the tee shots, follow the normal throwing order where the player with the disc farthest away from basket throws first.   


  • If you win, you can choose any disc from
  • Cost is $1.00 to play and runs for the entire month of December.
  • Play at least one double disc round at North Ponds Park in Webster NY. Play more days (rounds) if you want, up to a total 3 – there is no additional fee: $1.00 covers the entire month.
  • Every entry has an equal chance to win. Winner selected by random draw using random number generator Therefore, the highest score has the same chance of winning as the lowest score.
  • The more rounds you submit, the more days you play – maximum of 3, the more entries you have and the greater your chances of winning.
  • You MUST send a picture of you standing next to a North Ponds Park Disc Golf Course tee sign for each day you play.
  • Flex start – Play any day you want. Play as many days as you want up to a total of 3 days during the month.
  • Play as many rounds as you want on any day, but you can submit only one, 18 hole score for each day you play.
  • Send a message to me with a photo of you with a tee sign and your score. Send the message to me via text message to (585) 678-1941, or by email to [email protected].
  • Each score submitted will be assigned a position number.
  • Scores will be listed in ascending order, and then by time stamp of submission. For ties, the score submitted with a later time stamp will be assigned a higher position number.
  • At the end of the month, a position number will be selected at random. The person who posted the score with the position number selected will be the winner and can select any disc from

More Information:

North Ponds Park Is An Excellent Course For Double Disc

The North Ponds Park is well suited for Double Disc. It is a short course with clear views to the baskets so it is easy to see where both of your tee shots land.

Paul Fromm from his Double Disc round.
Paul Fromm from his snowy, Double Disc round.

Take A Photo With A North Ponds Tee Sign

Take a photo of you with a tee sign. The point is to get you out to play this wonderful, short course. By requiring you to send a picture with a tee sign each day you play, you actually have to visit the course so you can’t just, “mail it in”. Send the message to me via text message to (585) 678-1941, or by email to [email protected].

Multiple Rounds: Submit Worst Or Best

Because the Double Disc round at North Ponds plays fast, you may want to play 2 double disc rounds, or more, but you can submit only one 18 round score for your official score for that day. If you play multiple rounds, you may choose to submit your worst round. Since each round is assigned a position number, and the position number is the random draw selection criteria, a higher score is just as likely to be selected as the winner as is a lower score.

A Great Way To Sharpen Your Short Game

This is a great way to sharpen your short game. The longest holes at the North Ponds course are 253 and 240 feet. The other seven holes are all 215 feet or less; the shortest hole is 166 feet. You don’t have to throw far, but you get rewarded for accuracy.

Players And Scores

Here is a link to the Players And Scores.