2017 Henrietta Indoor Putting League

2017 Henrietta Indoor Disc Golf Putting League information.

The 2017 Henrietta┬áIndoor Putting League is sponsored by Sonny’s Landing. The 5 week league runs from March 2 to March 30, 2017.

Putting League Scoring Description


  • First putt (#1) and last putt (#6) at a distance earn more points.
  • Making all 6 putts at a distance earns a bonus.
  • Longest distance putts are highest value.


Long Description:

Points Are Same As Distance Of Putt
Each successfully made putt has a point value equal to the distance of the tier it is made from (that is, a putt made from 25′ is worth 25 points).

Bonus For First Putt And Last Putt At A Distance
First and last putts also earn bonus points, 5 points each attempt for each of the first four tiers and 10 points in the final two tiers.

Bonus For Making All 6 Putts At A Distance
Completing all six putts from a tier earns an additional bonus equal to the distance. A putting league scoring chart is shown below:

Putting 1025 Scoring Chart

Putting League Results and Stats

Click on the link below to view Putting League results and statistics.

Week 5, With Obstacles.

Week 5, Clear Lanes.

Week 4, With Obstacles.

Week 4, Clear Lanes.

Week 3, With Obstacles.

Week 3, Clear Lanes.

Week 2, With Obstacles.

Week 2, Clear Lanes.

Week 1, With Obstacles.

Week 1, Clear Lanes.