2019 Disc Golf Putting League

The 18 hole course for Week 1 of Indoor Putting League.

2019 Fall/Winter Putting League has started!

Scoring Results and Stats on Recent Posts
The league weekly results and scoring is available on the Recent Posts section on the lower right side of this DemoGrid.com site.

Three rounds of 18 holes each night; 108 putts
The baskets, tee pads and obstacles will be configured to provide 18 different holes to play. We will have obstacles to avoid as well as vertical challenges (putting up to, and then off of the elevated stage) to navigate.

Summary: There are 3 tee spots and lots of obstacles to avoid – left, right and over – at each of 6 baskets. We throw 2 putts at each tee and 3 rounds each week (108 recorded putts). The distances and and layouts change every week. We use a random draw doubles format and partners are drawn before each round.

2019 Brighton Indoor Disc Golf Putting League information
The 2019 Brighton Indoor Putting League is sponsored by Royce Racinowski and the Flying Disc Pro Shop (Thank you Royce!). The 5 week league is on Thursday each week and runs from November 7, 2019 to December 12, 2019 (no league Thanksgiving, 11/28).

You may win a disc 
Royce Racinowski and the Flying Disc Pro Shop are sponsors and will be donating discs. A disc will be given away each week. It matters not if you have the worst round of putting of your life, the disc giveaway will be by a random chip draw – everyone has an equal chance to snap up a disc!

Putting League Description

Throwing around the obstacles.

DISC GOLF PUTTING LEAGUE —This indoor league is for anyone with an interest in Disc Golf. If you are new to Disc Golf, this putting league is an excellent starting point. If you already play, this league will increase your putting skills with multiple putting challenges. The baskets and tee pads will be configured to provide 18 different holes to play. We will use varying distances, elevation change and obstacles to create progressively more difficult and interesting putts. Bring two of your favorite putting discs. This will be a random draw doubles format. Partners will be randomly assigned each week. You may win a disc! Our sponsor, the Flying Disc Pro Shop, is donating discs. One disc will be given away each week. If you need to purchase Disc Golf putting discs, contact the instructor, Tim Bayer, 585‑678‑1941.

LOCATION: Brookside Recreation Center, Large Gymnasium, 220 Idlewood Rd., Rochester, NY 14618
AGES: 12yrs & over
FEE: Fee: $35 (5 weeks)
DAYS/TIMES: Thursdays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
DATES: 11/7/19 – 12/12/19

Minimum: 5
Maximum: 24


If you have any questions,  contact me.