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Building Carbon Neutral Hydrogen Generation
BiHydrogen designs and builds automated machines that use various sources of biomass (wood, wood chips, brush, leaves, waste corn stalks, sawgrass ... etc.) in a carbon-neutral process to produce hydrogen gas.

Sustainable, Renewable Energy Independence
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The environmentally friendly BiHydrogen system uses sustainable, renewable resources (boimass). If you have access to trees, leaves, grass, switchgrass ... or any biomass, you have the resources you need for the BiHydrogen machine. Biomass is available nearly everywhere, and therefore not dependent on foreign imports, allowing energy independence.

Weather Independent, 24 Hour Hydrogen Generation
Unlike other alternative energy sources like photo voltaic (PV) solar panels, which need sunlight, or windmills, which require wind, the BiHydrogen machine does not rely on sunlight or wind for operation. Therefore, it can be used 24 hours a day and is not affected by clouds, wind, rain, snow or other weather related phenomena.

Distributed Production - Produce Hydrogen On Site!
BiHydrogen Trailer
The BiHydrogen machine is small enough to fit on a standard trailer and is easily portable. The small size and easily transported BiHydrogen system enables distributed hydrogen production. The BiHydrogen system can be placed anywhere you have biomass feedstock.

Unlike a stationary, ground locked windmill or PV (photo voltaic) solar panel array, the BiHydrogen machine is small enough to be easily towed on a trailer behind a pickup truck. Take the BiHydrogen machine to your stock pile of biomass and produce hydrogen on site!

Because it is a stand alone system that is easily transported, the BiHydrogen system enables distributed hydrogen production. This distributed hydrogen production solves present infrastructure problems of hydrogen transport and storage.

Scalable Hydrogen Production
Because of the low capital cost and no transportation required for on site hydrogen production, the BiHydrogen system is cost effective for small volume production. The BiHydrogen system can be easily scaled up as hydrogen demand increases. Low capital cost plus scalability allows BiHydrogen to be cost effective for varying production levels.

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