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UV Flashlight with Glow Cone
A UV flashlight with flexible, black, light confining, Glow Cone.

Disc Golf Glow Cone
For both glow discs and glow tape, the disc golf Glow Cone is the best way to charge your disc for nighttime glow disc golf. The Glow Cone is designed to concentrate UV light to saturate the disc surface and provide a fast charge. The Glow Cone contains light reflecting off the charging disc and stops the bright, reflected light from hitting your eyes.

UV Light For Optimal Glow Charging
The Glow Cone uses UV light (black light) which has the best wavelength to use for energizing glow discs and glow-in-the-dark tape.

Glow Cone 3 Second Charge
The confined light inside the Glow Cone creates a light saturation circle which can charge the disc in as little as 3 seconds.

Glow Cone Prevents Night Sight Readjustment
A bright light from a flashlight reflecting off a charging disc will flood your eyes with light causing pupils to constrict. The result is that after a flashlight is turned off, it takes a while for your eyes to readjust to the darkness. The Glow Cone solves this problem. The opaque walls of the Glow Cone will keep the light reflecting off of the charging disc from escaping. Since there is no escaping light, your eyes do not get hit with a bright light and there will be no darkness readjustment time needed for your night time vision.

Glow Cone Uses Standard AA Batteries
The Glow Cone uses standard AA batteries to power the high intensity UV LED light.

Glow Cone Created With Durable, Compressible Materials
The cone and barrel of the Glow Cone is created using high durability, black, light blocking nylon and is easily compressed to fit inside your disc bag for easy storage.

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